How Long Does It Take for Swelling to Go Down After Jaw Surgery?

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“How long will it take for my facial swelling to go down after jaw surgery?” is probably the most common question that jaw and oral surgeons — not to mention orthodontists — get from jaw surgery patients.

No one wants to have chipmunk cheeks for months and months, or even weeks!

The rule of thumb is that it takes 4 months for your swelling to completely go away.

4 months! But that’s sooooo looooong.

Don’t worry, and here’s why:

The majority of your visible swelling will go away after the first week to two weeks. 

You will not be the most swollen during the first two days after jaw surgery. Instead, your facial swelling will peak  about half a week to a week after your jaw surgery. It’s as if your face is waking up and realizing, “Hey! We went through a lot just now… time to react.”

You will reach your peak around the 4-day mark, and yes, you WILL be puffy.

IF you follow the right steps to reduce swelling, you can minimize how much swelling you experience, and also minimize the amount of time it takes for your visible  swelling to diminish.

You will still have latent, or underlying, swelling that isn’t noticeable on the outside. Your post- jaw surgery ‘look’ will be complete only at the 4 month mark.

So, how do you reduce swelling the best (and most natural!) way possible?

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