Will Your Nose Look Different After Jaw Surgery?

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Last updated: Jan 20, 2017

UPDATE: Hard to believe it’s been 8 years since my upper jaw advancement surgery! I had my jaw surgery on the morning after election day, 2008, right after Barack Obama had been elected President the first time. I’ve left my old post in its original format, but would like to share a picture of what I look like today:

And here’s the original post, from almost 8 years ago!

It’s been almost 9 months since my upper jaw advancement surgery, and I think I look a lot more like I used to look – except that I have perfect teeth and no puffy jaw from strained biting and chewing.

Lots of people have been asking nose questions. I understand this because that was a big concern of mine before jaw surgery as well:

Hmm, if they’re going to move my upper jaw forward, isn’t that going to change my nose a lot?

Maybe you like your nose as it is and don’t want it to look any different. Or, maybe you’ve just had jaw surgery and don’t like the way your nose turns up much more than usual due to the upper jaw advancement from your jaw surgery.

Remember that your swelling doesn’t fully go away until about 4 months after surgery, impacting your ‘look’ until it subsides. Don’t judge anything till then! You’ll be sorry you wasted all that time worrying.

It may seem like your swelling has disappeared after 4 – 10 weeks. However, some facial swelling remains until around the 4 month mark after your jaw surgery. Your face – and nose position – will continue to change until you reach this stable point.

Also remember that corrective jaw surgery for an underbite or crossbite means your jaw alignment – and nose position – are being adjusted to theirΒ correct places. Your nose and your entire face will look different. They will very likely lookΒ more in harmony than before your jaw surgery. This is a good thing πŸ™‚

Check out my pictures! I don’t think I look like Miss Piggy, but if I’m mistaken, by all means let me know πŸ˜‰

My nose 9 months after upper jaw surgery

My nose 9 months after upper jaw surgery

My nose from the side after upper jaw surgery

My nose from the side after upper jaw surgery

My nose from the other side after upper jaw surgery

My nose from the other side after upper jaw surgery


  1. Thanks for the post. One further question I do have pertaining to your teeth. After having your upper jaw brought forward have you noticed that your teeth/gums show more when you smile? My teeth actually don’t show that much when I smile and I’ve heard that upper advancement can change that. Thanks and congrats on everything, even though it’s been a while now since your surgery,

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for a great blog, I think your nose looks balanced with the rest of your face. I’m currently going through orthognathic surgery hell, I had to have two surgeries, one in June and another in July. My nose and whole face has changed so dramatically (which the surgeon reassured me would NOT happen), my nose is completely turned up.

    I have a question concerning your gums, do they tend to show more since your surgery? I had a 5 mm maxillary advancement and I have a lot of excess gum showing now.



  3. Author

    Hi Naike,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience! That really sucks.

    To answer your question, my gums do not show more since having the surgery. In your case, it sounds as if it could be due to excessive upper advancement (that’s also causing your nose to look so different).

    Are you all done with the surgeries now? Or will you have to undergo further adjustment to correct your nose placement?


  4. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it looks like I’m in for more surgery, I have yet to hear from anyone who’s had three jaw surgeries and worn braces for 5 years! The worse is I did make sure to choose a qualified orthodontist and surgeon.

    What happened is that for many years I was a mouth breather which led to a vertical overgrowth of the maxilla (I wasn’t aware of it since I had a receding upper jaw) and my surgeon didn’t seem to be able to obtain a frontal occlusion without having the excess gum showing. I’m just really upset because he says he can’t do anything about it now because it’s a ‘racial’ feature. I can obviously tell it’s a problem that can be fixed because my lips don’t meet
    naturally, I need to pinch them.If there’s anything positive, is that I didnt’t have to pay for the second surgery.

    The only other option we discussed was to place my upper jaw where it originally was and move my lower jaw back by 8mm, but the problem then is that I’ll have a double chin.Tough choice between a gummy smile and protruding teeth or a double chin.

    I know that I’ll have to consider having further surgery, but I’ll have to wait to heal from these two before. Whatever happened to everything going well the first time, was that so two seasons ago?

    Sorry for the long rant

  5. Author

    Hi Naike,

    I wish you could go to my surgeon, Dr. Li. I’m sure he would NOT tell you that visible gums and lips that don’t meet are a ‘racial’ feature! He may be the world’s foremost expert on this surgery, and happens to be very good with the cosmetic side.

    From your IP, I see that you’re not anywhere near California, but you may want to call him anyway.

    He does take patients from all over the world, or may be able to refer you to a colleague in your region.

    In any case, a simple phone conversation doesn’t cost much (use Skype!).

    His contact info is posted here:

    Let me know how it goes, and no worries for ranting. Interesting story, not ideal outcome, but it’s not over yet!


  6. Hi Susan!

    If I showed you a post-surgical picture of what my surgeon estimated to be a ‘racial’ feature, it’s the most grotesque thing ever. I did actually contact Dr. Li. I live in Belgium and I e-mailed him about my surgeries. He said that it wasn’t possible for him to give me advice based on the pictures since he couldn’t examine me in person and didn’t have any of my x-rays (that makes sense), however, he did say that it looks like I’ll need another surgery. I e-mailed him back to ask if I could send the x-rays by e-mail and I’m still waiting for a reply. My best friend lives in California and if I have to, I don’t mind going there for a consultation and like you said, maybe he might be able to refer me to a qualified colleague home, fingers crossed.

    I have another appointment next week with my surgeon and I really need to make my point come accross because I’m not buying into this ‘racial’ profile explanation.

    Thanks for the advice!

  7. Hey Susan,

    When you said your nose is looking more like it used to and was initially affected by swelling, did that include widening of the nostrils? My surgeon said he would use a nasal cinch suture to prevent widening, but in my eyes I can pretty easily tell that the base of my nose has widened. I’m about 13 days post-op right now. Could any of the widening be due to swelling or am I quite possibly stuck with the nose I have now?

  8. Author


    Good for you! Yeah, I don’t buy it either… whenever people start talking ‘racial features’ to me, I think, WOW that is SO nineteenth century!! πŸ™‚

    Let me know if there’s any way I can help – even with your trip to California (if you take one) or anything like that. I live in San Francisco, so pretty close to Dr. Li’s.

    Keep in touch,

  9. Author

    Hey Michael,

    You know, the swelling makes you look REALLY WEIRD for longer than you think.

    Also, one interesting thing I noticed about swelling is that there’s quite a lot of swelling underneath the surface… that could explain the change in your nose.

    I’m not sure if my nose is wider or not… the rest of my face looks so much better, it doesn’t even matter to me. I’ve asked other people and no one can notice it, so if it’s so, then it must be insignificant in relation to the overall harmony my face has now.

    Give it till 4 months (I know, that’s long!), and then see what you think. You’re changing so much now – a little every week – so it’s really hard to finalize any judgments.

    Let me know how it goes!


  10. Hi Susan,

    I’d noticed a lump on the right side of my jaw for a while and I just assumed it was normal since I had my surgery just over three weeks ago. But it started to grow larger and get painful so I called my surgeon today since I thought it might be an infection, well, I unfortunately was right, I have an infection and I’m back on antibiotics. He said that if things don’t clearout in about a week he’ll also consider preforming a small surgery to loosen the plate/screw in that place.

    This has really changed how I’m feeling about the surgery because I was very upset about how my face had changed so much and now I’m just concerned about my health. I hope the infection clears out and I think the advice you gave Michael is great, I’ll give it the next four months. I’ll try to consult other surgeons at home when I feel I’ve given myself sufficient time to heal phsyically and emotionally (gosh, I sound so dramatic). Maybe I’ll take a trip to California next january or the summer of 2010 to consult doctor Li. Thanks for being so helpful.

    I’ve turned this into anything but a nose post lol.

  11. Hi Susan, you look amaazing and your nose is beautiful. I had open rhinoplasty on 29th July 2009, All I can say is i feel so upset by all the swelling that i have researched and your recomendation of turmeric, bromelain and quertain is what I have started from yesterday. I was told i looked “wierd” it really upset me and i hope to have some positive results from my lethal combination of herbs πŸ™‚ How long before the swelling goes down which is mainly in the tip and nostrils? I looked like a pig after surgery and its a touch better but i wont know until i have the swelling go down if it was work it. Hope to hear from you soon.

    p.s How much should i take of the herbs??? I have been taking aprox around 1000mgof each on an empty stomach since this morning xxx

  12. Author

    Hi Fay,

    Your supplement dosage (1000 milligrams 3 times a day) sounds right. For me, major swelling subsided within 4 weeks or so – I returned to work at 4 weeks and didn’t look too weird to my coworkers. I do want to emphasize that that was the ‘major’ swelling – ALL swelling did not subside until at least 3 months out.

    Now that it’s been 9 months since my surgery (wow, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by!!), the swelling is just a distant memory.

    I’m surprised to hear it’s been over a month and you’re still seeing significant swelling in your nose, especially for rhinoplasty (not a terribly invasive procedure)! Have you talked to your surgeon about this?


  13. Thanks for your reply Susan. You look amazing and you have had surgery that was so much more serious than mine. I shall continue to take the 1000mg 3x a day. I had open rhinoplasty and my tip reduced but the swelling in my tip and nostrils still gives me a piggy look. I have tried everything from ice packs to massages but nothing has worked. I feel really ugly and I felt i was so attractive before. I have emailed my surgeon and she keeps saying it will take 12 months for the sweling to go down. Thats not what I want to hear πŸ™ WHow long should i take my “herbs” πŸ™‚ for? and I did read that someone had seen a reduction in swelling an hour after taking the herbs so i would like to ask approx how long before i see results and when i do see results how long do i continue taking my herbs for? Also one last thing when i stop my herbs will my nose swell again? xxxx

  14. Naike,

    You’ve mentioned something about an infection. I just wanted to let you know that I have the same thing on my left side. It is very swollen and hurts when I touch it. Looking at my post-op x-rays, it’s where the plate is. It’s been 2 months and 5 days since my surgery and the infection has gone down a little but not much. I was on antibotics for 10 days a month ago, that didn’t help. I was on antibiotics again and was finished with my last pills last Saturday. The swollen area is still there. My Doctor said if it doesn’t go away in a month then I’ll have to get another surgery to clean out the plate and the infected area. I’m really upset and depress. I’m not really with how I look, I honestly wish I never had surgery.

  15. Hi Molly,

    I’m really sorry to hear about your infection, I felt exactly the same way when I noticed the lump in my jaw. I had my plate removed and the abscess drained about two weeks ago and was on antibiotics during that time. Although the lump has gotten significantly smaller, it’s still there. I’m going to see my surgeon on Thursday because it could possibly be a chronic bacterial infection that is more difficult to treat and will require a longer treatment with antibiotics. Judging from my personal experience,removing the plate as soon as possible was the best decision. Did your doctor tell you why he wants to wait a month before the plate is removed?
    As hard as it is, try to stay positive. You need to tell yourself that you’ll get better. I wasn’t happy with the way I look either but if there’s anything I’ve learned from Susan and all the other bloggers and youtubers that have had this surgery is patience. It will take a while before the swelling goes away completely and you your face will probably keep changing for the next 8 months. I don’t know about you but I’ve lost over 30pounds and know that’s also changed how my face looks and I still have my braces, so the awkward ugly Betty days aren’t over yet lol. You’ve done the hardest, just try to stay strong.

  16. Naike,

    My Doctor just said to wait another month to see if the swelling goes down before he perform surgery on me. The swelling has come down, so guess I’ll just be patient and see if the swelling goes down even more. I’ve lost a lot of weight too, but slowly gaining my weight back. Thanks for the support. Susan did a great job with this website, it’s nice to come here and get support from others.

  17. Hi Molly,

    I’m glad to hear that the swelling has gone down. I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey. You’re right, Susan has done a great job here!

  18. Hi Susan — thanks for providing such a great resource. I was wondering about something. I, too, had maxillary advancement (I think it was 4mm or so). It’s been about 17 days since my surgery, and the superficial swelling has died down a great deal, but the tightness in my sinuses and the swelling on the inside of my nose is still really significant. Is this normal, or is something amiss? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi Susan,

    You look great.

    My question is did your surgery cause any TMJ problems for you? Do you experience any occasional pain now?


  20. Author

    Hi Craig

    I know it’s been about a week since you left this comment, but if you’re still getting so much swelling that you can’t breathe well, you should check with your surgeon! Normally, there is a lot of internal swelling that you don’t see, but if it’s obstructing your breathing or significantly impacting your lifestyle and healing, that’s definitely worth a checkup.

    Let me know how it goes!


  21. Author

    Hi Kim,

    My surgery did not cause any TMJ; in fact, since my bite is now ‘perfect,’ it relieved the jaw joint pain I’d experienced previously. It make sense to me that this would be a typical result… your jaw surgery is supposed to CORRECT your bite, not make it worse. TMJ should not arise for a bite that is correct.

    What’s been your experience?


  22. Hi Naike and Susan, I recently had upper jaw moved forward of 6mm in July 2009. I had an underbite that was hardly noticeable but was causing chewing problems as well as bad wear on teeth from grinding. I am in my mid thirties my bite is perfect now however I am unhappy with the appearance of my nose and lips. I feel like my nostrils are flaring and I have way too much upper lip. It also has increased the space from the tip of my nose to my lips. The surgeon said that I would look the same after the surgery and the only change would be a little more lip. I feel like my face has changed drastically. The only good thing I like is that it got rid of the dipping of my nose from a profile standpoint. Is it possible to reverse this procedure to my original face? Am I being impatient, should I give it a little more time? I feel like the reactions I am getting from people are not good ones. Will a surgeon even reverse this if it isn’t right from a medical standpoint? Thanks Will

  23. I have the same problem as Will.

    I don’t know why they ever suggest upper jaw surgery to correct an underbite without fully considering the impact on the nose.

    I have pics posted on http://jawregret.blogspot.com

    I too am considering either getting the procedure reversed or a nose job.

    1. Has anyone ever had their procedure reversed?
    2. Has anyone had a nose job after a Le Fort 1?

  24. Jay, I checked out your before photos. It looks like they messed you up like me. Personally I think you looked better before the surgery than after. Just like myself. My surgeon says that he just moved my jaw forward 6mm, but why do I have that extra length between my nose and lips. Is your girl the only one telling you look better? My wife is telling my the same BS. She is the only one telling me I look better. I think if they just moved the lower jaw back we both wouldn’t of had such a drastic change. Did you tell your surgeon you don’t like the change? My surgeon is telling me to wait the 6 months and I will be happy. Hard to imagine this at this point.

  25. Hey Will,

    Have you looked into getting the surgery reversed? And doing your lower jaw at the same time?

    Or have you thought of getting a nose job.

  26. Jay, I am going to wait one more month to see what I look like. If I am not happy I am going to ask the surgeon to reverse it. Hopefully he will, but he seems to be very happy with his work, so I don’t know if he will. I just don’t know if I could go through this whole process again. I also know if you do the lower the recovery time is longer and permanent numbness is a risk. But like you said this has been a nightmare and I just want to wake up with my old face. Have you asked your surgeon about a reversal? Good Luck Will

  27. Hey Will,

    I just saw the surgeon today. He said to wait 3 months and if I want it reversed then that can be done. I asked to do the upper and the lower, pushed back. So basically the upper will be moved back to its original position and the lower will be moved back like it should have been done in the first place.

    It’s apparently a 6 hour operation!!! OMG. At this point though, after what I’m going through now, I think I’d do anything.

    Will email me your contact at jawregret at gmail.com

  28. Jay, did you ask him if he ever did a reversal? Will your nose go back to it’s original after he puts your upper back? At this point I would like to just go back to my old underbite and not full with my lower jaw because this might cause more problems…My surgeon said he has never had anyone want to go back to their old bite. I think I will definitely be the first as it has been 3 months and still very unsatisfied. Will

  29. Jay, one more thing. I am about to get my braces off. Could the surgery be done without braces on your teeth? Or if I plan on doing a second surgery I should just leave them on. He keeps telling me once I get the braces off I will like everything. Is there any other jaw patients on this site that saw a miraculous change once they got their braces off. Will

  30. Jay,
    I checked out your blog and think that you look great! I am having upper jaw surgery next month and I hope that my upper lip is more full looking after the procedure. My upper lip is flat looking now like yours used to be. I agree with your surgeon, that if you give it more time, you will be happy with your results! I would not have taken the time to write this if I didn’t really beleive it. I would not have another surgery to “correct” something that isn’t wrong…you look great!

  31. Will, he said he’s only had to do one reversal in 36 years. Wow, I feel so lucky now! I didn’t ask if the nose would go back, but I’ll verify on my next appointment. I assume it would though.

    Also I didn’t have braces on when I got the surgery, they put on these arch bars with hooks that fit along your gums.

  32. Jay,
    Why are you considering reversing the entire surgery? If you’re not satisfied with your nose, wouldn’t it just be easier to have rhinoplasty? I can’t believe that you actually want to have your old underbite back when your mouth looks so much better.

  33. Will & Jay:

    I had my surgery on July 6, 2009. Still some swelling, especially on my left side since it was infected. Not too happy w/ the way I look right now, but my nostril did went back to normal. It takes a while to go down. After the surgery, my nose was upturned and piggish looking. Please give it time before doing something drastic. I still have a running nose everyday, my chin and around my mouth is still kinda numb.

  34. Will,

    I think that even if u did a reversal, your nose will still look the same as now because of the swelling. Give it time. I was so upset about my nose, I cried for days. Now that the swelling went down, my nose is back to normal, it actually looked better than before.

  35. Hi Molly,

    How long was it before your nose went completely back to normal?

  36. Jay,

    it’s been a little over 3 months now and my nose just starting to look normal again. i still have some swelling underneath my nose. but for the most part, it look like it was before the surgery if not a little better. Please be patient.

  37. Molly, it has been about 3 months since my surgery. My nose is still upturned. Was your surgery just to move your jaw forward and how many mm? I had an infection too. When did you get your infection? right after surgery or many weeks after? I’m about the same amount of time from my surgery as you. Do you notice yourself looking a little more like your old self each day? Like I told Jay I am going to give it one more month, hopefully I will return more to my old self. Are you eating solid foods yet? Thanks Will

  38. Will,

    I don’t know how many mm my jaw was moved, but i had upper and lower done. Are u happy with the result except your nose? I’ve noticed that the reason why my nose was upturned is because of all the swelling, if you’re not completely healed, it’ll be that way for a while. I still think u should give it a few more months. People heal differently.

    I had an infection on my left side, i believe right after surgery. I was on antibiotics for a month. The doctor said looks like there’s no more infection, but the swelling is still there. Strange because somedays looks more swelling than others. I can feel it in my bone that something is wrong. I will be going in for xrays in a few weeks. Chances are, i might have to go in for another surgery to take the plate out.

    I don’t look like my old self as each day passes by because the swelling on my left side is still there. I have a big asymmetry problem right now and I still cry myself to sleep at times, wishing i never had the surgery because my face actually looked worse now than before. Other than the fact that my nose is back to normal, my face is not. I’ll wait till my xray appointment and will keep u posted if u want.

  39. Molly, I just had this surgery done to correct an underbite problem that was having a negative impact on my chewing. I was a good looking guy before this surgery. It has changed the shape of my mouth,nose, eyes and head. Very disappointed, it has been 3 months, everyday hope to wake up with my old face. I think this surgery is only for people that are very unnattractive to begin with. If you have a good face you shouldn’t fool with it and just live with the misaligned bite. I hope that they don’t have to take your plates out because that will start the swelling all over again. I would ask for a reversal if that is the case because they will have to cut you again anyway. WIll

  40. Hi Will,

    It has been 3 months and 2 weeks for me. I still feel my nose is a little swollen, but for the most part it’s back to normal. My lips also took a while to get back to normal because of all the swelling. I wish i don’t have to go in for another surgery, but i feel like i should. I’d rather be swollen for another few months then to be swollen like this permanently. I’ve waited patiently for this long hoping that it will go down, and weeks after weeks, it remains swollen. Even if the doctor cut me open, it won’t be as bad as the first surgery because he won’t be cutting into my bones, he’s just taking off the plate and cleaning the infected area. Again, i’ll keep u posted.

  41. Naike,

    Can you give me an update on your surgery? I know you had to go in to get your plate taken out. Has the swelling down down? How was the recovery and how long did it took?

  42. Naike,

    I know you had to go in to get your plate taken out. Has the swelling down down? How was the recovery and how long did it took?

  43. hi my names hayley,ive had jaw surgery 7 months ago and the surgeon reassured me that the base of my nose wouldnt widen too much and that it would be about 2mm difference but i have read that all the swelling can tae up 2 a year,so im unsure of what to do at this stage.Can any1 help ?

  44. Jay, I read your blog and I’m in the exact same boat really. I am asian as well, and had my upper advanced a couple mm, with some work done on the bottom too. I also noticed my nose difference right away and sadly 3 months later it still is wide and weird-looking.

    It’s really a shame that both our surgeons said that exact same thing.
    Before; ”you won’t even notice a difference, stop worrying”
    After; ”well those changes are to be expected, i can’t move your top jaw without affecting your nose”

    Wtf, lol, seems like purely a business ploy and attitude. They just want you to get the surgery done and not back out of it so they can be paid. Then afterward–sucks to be you lol.

    Anyway, I too am wondering about reversal. At the same time though I don’t want my chin to go too far back.

  45. Author

    Hey guys,

    I am reading lots of your comments about ‘reversal’ of your jaw surgery because you don’t like the way your nose has changed.

    A couple of comments:

    – Your jaw surgery served to correct a bite deformity that was affecting your overall jaw and oral health. Even if you couldn’t tell as a young person, imagine having a continually worsening bite as a 50 year old, a 60 year old, or a 70 year old. Jaw surgery addresses this problem.

    – Your surgeon is a medical professional. I doubt your surgeon was trying to just ‘get you under the knife’ in order to send you a fat bill. In fairness, it is difficult to anticipate exactly how people will look 1 year after surgery. That’s not to say that some of the comments I’ve heard from people’s surgeons (Naike!) are ok – it should be clear when your practitioner is being unacceptable, but not every flaw is the fault of the surgeon either.

    Now, to solve the problem:

    If you’re displeased with how your nose looks, that’s ok.

    Have you ever considered rhinoplasty?

    Rather than reverse your jaw surgery (which has to do with your JAW), why not fix the nose problem with a procedure meant for the nose?

    Rhinoplasty (in general):

    – is cheaper
    – is MUCH less invasive (can be done as outpatient)
    – is easier to recovery from
    – can address any other issues you have with the appearance of your nose.

    Just a thought!


  46. Hi Molly,

    My recovery has been ok, so far there is no further sign of infection. The only concern I have is with the healing, I am under the impression that there is a very noticeable difference between the right and left sides of my jaw. I have another appointment with my surgeon in two weeks, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  47. Hi Susan,

    Yeah, I’m considering a nose job now over getting the jaw reversal.

    In Canada the price of a nose job is actually more than jaw surgery. A nose job is about $7000 to $12000, but jaw surgery is around $2000 which is purely for administration since our health care covers the surgery.

    It’s just hard to think about getting a nose job because I’ve always liked my nose, up until I had my surgery. Second, the jaw surgery didn’t have the results I wanted, what if the nose job is the same way? That would make things twice as bad.

    For now though the nose job seems the easier route, I just have to make sure I choose the right surgeon.

  48. hello-
    I have the same problem: I had surgery on july 8th, upper jaw moved forward
    now my nose is visibly “larger”
    the doctor, as expected, says that it could happen…
    I heard that you could make it “smaller” by just taching the cartilage and not the bones..is this possible/
    would this be less money then a full surgery?

  49. Author

    Jay, rhinoplasty costs ~$3k-$8k in the US – perhaps you should take a trip?

  50. I live in san diego and I had my surgery in kaiser…what should I tell my doctor…that I am not happy?
    do you think that there is any way that he may “fix” this?

  51. Susan, I’ll probably just cough up the money and have the surgery in Toronto.

    Alessandra, I’ve never heard of ‘taching the cartilage’, you should try asking your question on realself.com. I’ve found you can get good answers there.

    Here’s the response I got from my question:

    A few pics of my nose, before, now and future? If anyone’s interested:

  52. Alessandra, if you reversed the surgery would your nose go back to it’s narrow shape or is the damage done irreversible? It has been over 3 months with my nose and I am still unhappy with the whole procedure. I am going to ask the surgeon about the nose going back to it’s original state next week. Will

  53. Every jaw patient, has anyone had trouble with the swelling of the gum tissue inside of the mouth? I have a flap of tissue that hangs down on my two front teeth that is still swollen 3 months after surgery. Does this take a long time to go away? Will it go down ever? Will

  54. If only I could post pictures of my face, I look so dramatically different, and it’s not in a good way. My nose, well pretty much disappear, I have no dorsum whatsoever and my nostrils are so high!

  55. Hi Jay,

    I had a maxillary advancement done in June 2009, the aesthetic results were very dissatisfying. As much as my surgery was primarily motivated by medical reasons, I just could not live with that face. In July 2099 I had a bimaxillary osteotomy. Unfortunately, I still look like I did after the first surgery, the nose being the biggest and most difficult change to accept

  56. I just had double jaw surgery – my upper jaw was advanced and moved up while my lower jaw was moved backwards.

    My maxillofacial surgeon told me one of the side effects of the upper jaw surgery is the risk of a wider nose. I am not sure if my nose will grow wider from now on but I hope not because I am happy the way it is.

    My doc also said they will “tie” the nose together during surgery to try to prevent this but sometimes it still happens.

  57. hi Susan, can you tell me who is your surgeon in Toronto because i happens to also live in toronto and would like a reversal of my surgery thanks.

  58. I know my nose looks different from the profile but I like it. It went up a little. Of course, I’m only 15 days post op so I think there is problem some more swelling left.

  59. What insurance is the best to get for a jaw surgery and a bone graft anyone know. I’m Latino 37yo male my number is 415-933-2632

  60. Hi iam munna,
    I had double jaw surgery 5 months back. I a not at all satisfied with my new face which is very worse than before. I need my old face back. Did anyone help to find a way?? Did reverse surgery option is available? ?

    Kindly help

  61. Haha I love the Miss Piggy comparison – I’ve used this describing myself after lefort1 surgery many times :’)

    Thanks for writing down your experiences. It’s been six weeks since my surgery, and even though my doctor has warned me that it takes 4 months for most of the swelling to really go away, and I can still clearly feel (and also see) that there is some residual swelling around my cheeks and nose, my nose is becoming one of my main worries.

    Reading this makes enables me to relax a little bit about this and just be patient and wait to see what I’ll look like in about three months πŸ™‚

    You look great by the way!!

    Oh and fun fact about the surgery making your face look more like what it was supposed to look like anyways – people keep commenting that I look more like my sister, which I think kind of proves that point πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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