Facial Recognition After Braces And Jaw Surgery

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For the past week and a half, I’ve been visiting Seattle, the city where I grew up and where my mom still lives.

Though it’s the biggest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest outside of Vancouver, BC, it sure feels like a small town.

In my short stay, as during all my previous visits, I’ve bumped into a handful of people from high school.

Now, I think I look mighty different. And, I’ve been told by people who met me in period after I got braces but before I had jaw surgery that my face has changed dramatically.

Nonetheless, Roosevelt High School acquaintances NEVER fail to recognize me, even when I desperately hope they will.

Here I am the summer after sophomore year of high school, age 16.

The summer after sophomore year of high school, age 16.

A few weeks ago, age 26.

A few weeks ago, age 26.

Ten years, one upper jaw surgery, and many months of high-tech braces later, here I am. The same person, only not at all.


  1. congrats on everything – im currently on my pre-op wire on my bottom and get my top pre-op wire done in jul… im excited but just want it to be done with… then finally me and my fiance can get married i dont know how he has done it staying with me, when having braces but then i never smile with my teeth because of my jaw so cant wait for it to be done then we can organise wedding… i got to ask did they whiten yours??? i know you said brushing being healthy but they are white!!!!mine is being done on NHS as in england couldnt afford private …again congrats it does make it all worth it seeing yours. wish i had done it years ago but jaw didnt seem that bad then so said didn’t want it-look to painful!! if only someone could tell you what happens in the future .. did you get jaw pain too??? i seem to get pain in the jaw by my ear as if i have been talking for ages (normally i have) or left my jaw open for a long period of time.

    look forward to hearing from you


    One more – how long were you off for i got told 3 weeks …

  2. Wow you do look diffrent I had the same surgery you had in the upper jaw 3 months ago and I also had surgery on my lower jaw. Wow your swelling wasnt that bad at all my swelling was horrible. Most of my friends didn’t recognise my when I went back to school. I would like to thank you for posting pictures and the story up of your surgery because, I read it before I had surgery. It really calmed me down because I was freaking out. In the end it was all worth it.

  3. Congratulations! I like your new smile so much!!! My case is prety much like yours. Retrusive smile, which I have, managed to camouflage it somewhow after years in front of the mirror. I had braces at the age of 14, but they only aligned my teeth and compensated the class 3 occlussion. This didn’t correct the root of the problem, and my smile is since then non existant. Now I’m 27. Sometimes I feel my face quite funny (but not attractive at all). I’m however sick of it. I hope that this surgery also brings more fullness to my midface, which is quite flat.

    Yesterday I did X-rays and I was told by the surgeon that he had to advance the upper jaw so much that I would probably need upper and lower jaw surgery. I’m scared! I have to have my braces placed yet, so I’ll have to wait about 8-9 months for the surgery. I hope those ugly metal braces don’t pull down my self-confidence…

  4. I’m also going to be going with Dr. Kasey Li because of your amazing outcome. Thanks for a great blog!

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