Susan Got Her Braces Off!

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Susan Got Her Braces Off!, originally uploaded by susanfsu.

I got my braces off TODAY!

It’s been a long process of research, decision-making, insurance, braces, jaw surgery, recovery, and still more braces.

Throughout, the braces were always the hardest part. They were so visible, so constant, and so physically annoying.




  1. Susan, you look GREAT! I’m so jealous. I’m still in braces and pre-op. How do you feel? Completely back to normal?

  2. Congratulations! You’re teeth looks perfect! I’m having my surgery on the 17th. I’m really nervous and excited at the same time. hehe good luck!

  3. Susan, congratulations getting debraced.

    Has anyone told you you look like Lucy Liu? You look great.

  4. Thanks for the nice comment!

    Lucy Liu is gorgeous… but hope the comparison’s not just because we’re both Chinese πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Susan

    Just stumbled upon your site looking up info on Dr. Kasey Li. I have my first consultation with him tomorrow, so I’m just at the beginning of my scary journey. I’ll be sure to read through all your posts in the oncoming months to learn more about the experience. Thank you for sharing this, it will definitely help. BTW, you are beautiful!!! Really! πŸ™‚

  6. The similarity becomes apparent in this particular shot with the smile and eyes.

  7. Hi Susan,

    I was wondering if you got an decalcification spots when you got your braces off? I am so worried my teeth will be really badly decalcified since didn’t take very good care of my teeth (I ate lots of candy, and sometimes even before going to bed, after brushing which is just suicidal and so stupid).

  8. Author

    Hi Naike,

    No, I did not get decalcification spots or even yellowing of my teeth. I did, however, take very good care of my teeth — I flossed pretty much every day, brushed a lot (with my electronic brush), and gargled with the special mouthwash they gave me at the orthodontist. If you’re finding it difficult to keep up the regimen, why not just get some really good mouthwash (they make it just for orthodontics, and it’s better than Listerine) with extra-strength flouride and use it after eating the candy? Not as good as brushing (or not eating candy at all), but better than nothing.

    I will warn you – a friend had braces at the same time and her teeth looked terrible. When she gets her braces off, she likely WILL have some dental health problems. Please, quit the bad behavior and get on with brushing!! It’s not so hard, you can do it!


  9. Hey,

    The thing is that I have no visible spots, the base of my bottom teeth is pretty yellow but the dentist said is was the glue from the braces. I’m just worried because my teeth or really shiny now and that’s apparently a sign of enamel damage. I’ve been brushing three times a day, flossing and using mouthwash for a really longtime but the problem is that I used to do that straight after eating or drinking and that usually allows acid to penetrate deeper into your teeth, that was totally counterproductive!I’ve had braces for over 4 years so I really don’t know what to expect.

  10. Author

    Hi Naike,

    If it’s hard for you to get in there, or you’re concerned about how you’ve been brushing / flossing immediately after eating (which is bad, I know… who would’ve thought!?), then maybe try those super-fluoride mouthwashes. They are just for orthodontics patients and might help to strengthen your enable again.

    What does your dentist / orthodontist say?


  11. Hi Susan,

    I will ask my orthodontist on Friday, hopefully I’ll be able to get hold on those super flouride mouthwashes. I bought this thing called MI paste that is supposed to strengthen your enamel, I’ll see how it works. My braces should come off on Friday, HOWEVER, I went to see another orthodontist that a friend recommended because I was worried that my current orthodontist wants to remove my braces too soon (I still have no posterior contact (pretty much can’t chew), I have trouble closig my mouth so I have to sleep with my mouth open which is bad because it’s drying my mouth and could make my gingivitis worse, my headaches are also worse because I’m constantly tense). The ortho I saw last night says that he doesn’t think that my difficulties closing my mouth are because of the surgery but the position of my teeth and he suggests removing 4 teeth! That will take another 2 years of treatment. But of course he said that I need to wait at the very least for 6 months to see how my teeth and jaw will move and maybe things will fix themselves naturally. My current ortho is a bit conservative and he doesn’t like to remove teeth unless it is absolutely necessary and I feel the same way. But the same time this not being able to close my mouth situation is frustrating to say the least. But 2 more years….first I need to rectify one, thing I’ve worn braces for 5 years already!

  12. Hi! I’m just wondering.. I’ll be having my braces off pretty soon.. and I want to know if I’ll get any decalcification spots before I remove my brackets.. If I do have them, where do I go to get rid of them? My teeth only has a few white spots which I can see already but it’s on the bottom teeth, but for the top teeth, I see none and when I smile I see nothing. The dentist says my brushing is okay, but I need to work on the flossing. I need help >__<

  13. MOOI πŸ˜€


    i want to do my surgery already ….

    i am kinda shamed with my bite,
    all my friends has beautifull teeth/bite
    and i don’t..
    i was wondering how did u been true all that.
    i hate it when i cant smile infront of camera..

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