1. Dear Susan,

    I am sixteen years old and I currently have braces on and I have an under bite, my orthodontist won’t say anything about it I will ask him about it and he’ll just say something like “Oh yeahh, that will take years of orthodontic work…” trying to blow it off. I really want this surgery to fix it..I am very insecure about my bite and smile. Oh I have no insurance, I’m on Medi-Cal. What should I do? Help me please

  2. Author

    Sometimes your doctor may advise against jaw surgery if you’re young enough that you still have a few years of growing ahead. You wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of having jaw surgery… only to have to do it again!

    Why not try asking some more specific questions of your orthodontist? It’s his job to answer your questions, although maybe he’s not aware of how serious you are about it.

  3. my ortho was very seriously with me. They put an expander in my mouth to help to correct my underbite, but it didnt helped. So they recommended me that i need a surgery, and i am 16 to.

    i want to know more about the surgery, and everything u been true.
    i would be happy if you add me .

    i have left you a comment on ur video on youtube.
    thats my user . you can inbox me ur email adress so i can add u 😀

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