Pill-popper: Vitamins and surgery

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I’ve been following a vitamin regimen in preparation for jaw surgery on November 5th (19 days away!). Coworkers probably think I’m chain-popping antacids because of our stressful week, but it’s just not true.

Effective vitamin use for surgery preparation requires lots of high dosage pills, taken at the right times of day. I’ve been taking this combo every day:

  • Source Naturals Activated Quercetin 1300 mg. This is an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine (helps to reduce allergies which are a strain on your body no matter what, but esp. when prepping for surgery).
  • Country Life Bromelain 1500 mg. Another powerful anti-inflammatory that helps in quercetin absorption.
  • Rainbow Light Food-Based multi 3 tablets. A multivitamin blend whose use of food based nutrients makes vitamins and minerals more available to your body.
  • Rainbow Light Just Once Food-Based Calcium 1000 mg. Since I’m having surgery on my jaw bone, I figured I’d better stock my calcium reserves. Did you know that calcium you consume isn’t immediately used by your body? It’s stored in your bones, so if you’re deficient in the nutrient, your bones actually become weaker and more hollow (hence, osteoporosis).
  • Rainbow Light Food-Based Ultra Gram “C” 3000 mg. Vitamin C is the cheapest, most effective anti-oxidant on the market. Compared to purchasing green tea pills (or purchasing and drinking the equivalent in green tea), Vitamin C is a steal. It’s a major player in reducing inflammation, which is why it’s heavily used in natural allergy therapies. It’s also why stocking up on Vit. C is critical to surgery prep.

Work has been very stressful this week, with every other venture firm telling its portfolio companies to “trim the fat” – e.g. make headcount reduction and slow the burn rate for invested funds. Lots of my coworkers have been sniffly, but many have been too worried about their jobs or just too busy to stay home sick. When I felt a major flu-like sickness coming on earlier this week, I triple-loaded on my vitamins and added echinacea and goldenseal. By the next day, my cough had been reduced to a whimper and my flu headache was gone.

When I’m feeling extra stressed at work, I know what to do. I try to get sleep, eat well, think good thoughts, and take vitamins to ease the effects of the stress. I do it so I can avoid getting sick and then being out for days and days, and it works.

Consider surgery to be the ultimate stress. It’s critical to prepare your body and mind as much as possible for the physical and psychological trauma of surgery, so the least you can do is take your vitamins!

To come… I’ll put the vitamin list into chart format with price breakdowns and links / photos.


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  4. I am having upper and lower jaw surgery on 2/9/11 and read your blog. I was just going to go to Super Supplements and get a liquid multi and liquid calcium but after hearing your results I went and bought arnica gel and pills (they were on sale as a set woohoo) and I bought turmeric and quercertin and bromelian. I bought some liquid silica which I researched and read is good for joints an tendons. I bought Alive multivitamin which has great reviews. I also bought some refrigerated probiotics and some homeopathic tabs for post op swelling and one for joint surgery. I’m hoping that I will do as great as you. I haven’t gone to my acupuncturist foe along time as it’s $30 each time and going 3 times a week adds up. But I may go for a few post op sessions.
    Glad to read your blog and see someone else who wants to heal “naturally.”

  5. Hi Susan!

    I am so glad I found your blog! You have the most helpful information posted. I started my own jaw surgery blog in the hopes of chronicling a more “holistic/natural” approach to healing. I found the same supplements you did (different brands), but I’m SO happy to know that I’m on the right track! I want to mention that I’ve also heard amazing things about Krill Oil for joint pain, so I’ve picked up some to try during recovery as well. Do you have any experience with it? Also, just wondering, is there anything I can do to subscribe to your site? I can’t seem to see many of the pictures you posted, and I’d love to be able to see your results and before’s and after’s. Otherwise, let me know if I have to use a certain browser or something like that. Anyway, thank you again for all of the helpful information!

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